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If you are sexually active, especially with more than one partner, you should be using protection. This is to make sure you are protected from most STD infections. ‘Most’ because there are some STDs that will not be avoided even when you use protection. This is because the more the partners you engage with sexually, the higher the risk of contracting an STD. It is highly likely that one or all your partners will have other sexual partners and this just increases the risk.

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It is possible to have a sexually transmitted disease and not know it. This is because there are many STDs that will not have symptoms. This is why some experts prefer calling them STI or sexually transmitted infection since you can have the infection without the disease signs and symptoms. It is good to get tested because you are sure of yourself. It is a great idea to get tested together with your sexual partner. Most people are afraid of getting tested because they fear the embarrassment and stigma associated with this process. Luckily, there is an alternative test method that saves time and helps avoid the embarrassment with std test online will give you the privacy you need when you are getting an STD test.There are different types of STD test. Are you unaware that you have STD or HIV? Get at home test kit available online and know more on how to get tested with the right information about knowing your status. Know My Status is a helpful website that provides STD Testing information and find nearest testing health center that caters to STD Testing.

So, what STDs can you test at home? You can test a wide range of STDs at home and these include Chlamydia, HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis C, Genital herpes, and HPV. All these tests have their own instructions. You will be required to carefully collected samples which will then be sent to a lab for testing. The results will be sent back confidentially to protect your privacy. These tests are highly accurate with some companies offering a second test for free just in case the first one turns out positive.